I know the name RAZO is synonymous with quality and performance, but is there any warranty implied on your products?  
  Every RAZO product, with the exception of our halogen lights, comes with a limited* and non-transferable lifetime warranty. This is how confident we feel about our products!  
  I found more than one adaptor in my RAZO MT shift knob package. Is there a specific size I should use?  
  Although our MT shift knobs will fit the majority of vehicles on the road, often time different manufacturers will have different rod diameters. This is why we include multiple adaptors in the package. Generally speaking, most Toyota require a 12mm adaptor while most Honda will take a 10mm adaptor. Also, to avoid damaging the adaptor, never over tighten when installing a RAZO shift knob.  
  All RAZO sport pedals look great, but will they really stay on the factory pedals?  
  When properly installed according to the instruction, RAZO sport pedals will not "wiggle" or come off. However, due to road vibration and pressure applied from normal usage, be sure to inspect and re-tighten all screws at least once every 6 months.  
  I've been thinking about installing a set of RAZO sport pedals on my car but my car does not appear in your fitting guide. What should I do?  
  Just because your vehicle doesn't appear in the fitting guide, it doesn't mean RAZO sport pedals won't fit your vehicle. Our fitting guide only includes popular application and is meant to be used as a reference. Consult with the specialist at your local performance shop first regarding compatibility and pedal size. If you're still not sure please call us for tech support 9am-5pm PST, Monday through Friday.  
  I've seen the hue and bright rays your halogen bulbs put out and they looked great! I'd like to know what kind of warranty these bulbs come with.  
  All RAZO halogen bulbs come with a 6 month factory warranty from the date of purchase and is non-transferable. Please keep in mind that like any other high performance bulbs, due to the dramatic increase in brightness from the same amount of wattage the lifespan of the product may be reduced. We will be happy to offer you a replacement bulb with the presence of the original receipt in case of premature burn out.  
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