For the first time ever, a vehicle that is featured in Gran Turismo comes to life! Owning the same ride that you just played is now a reality! This is the result of the joint collaboration and careful planning between RAZO and Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the world-famous Gran Turismo series.

Knowing the components are produced by RAZO, the originator of premium motorsports gear and symbol of industry standard, you're assured that both the quality and fitment are of precision OEM-like spec. We specifically chose urethane as the material for front and rear bumper because of its durable characteristic which allows your ride to be a daily-driver.
Kazunori Yamauchi
President, POLYPHONY Digital
Executive Producer,
This is my second time designing aero components for the Z. I decided that this time around the design won't be just for Japan but for the North American market as well.
My aim was to maintain the basic smooth lines of the factory Z while injecting aggressive yet unique features in order to bring out even more character from the vehicle.
The front nose is obviously one of the features that makes an instant visual impact. It is meant to resemble the front end of a Formula One race car. I want people to feel the power of the 350Z and imagine what it is capable of when transformed into an "evolution version" like the dominating Porsche 911 Carrera RS.
I believe an attempt like this in which a vehicle that is featured in a software is realized into an actual production model has never been achieved before until now... this is truly a historic project!
Yasukichi Yamamoto
President, OPERA Performance
RAZO Test driver/
Technical Advisor
Gran Turismo Technical Advisor
As I proudly accepted Mr. Yamauchi's proposal to affiliate my shop's name, OPERA Performance, with the aero components he was about to design, a very special project was born.
With both RAZO, who has given me much support throughout my racing career, and Mr. Yamauchi, the man responsible for one of the most revered games EVER with a never-conform attitude behind me, we were able to answer to and complete the challenge of creating the 350Z RS.
Just like ying and yang, the combination and right balance between fierce and tranquil, power and subtlety are the fundamental basis for the concept of the RS line. I'm sure you're just as excited as we are... look out for more application in the near future.
  Copyright 2004 Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.  
GR101 Front Bumper (Urethane OEM swap type)
GR102 Side Skirts (ABS Plastic non-drilling type)
GR103 Rear Bumper (Urethane OEM swap type)
GR104 Rear Spoiler (FRP bolt-on type)
  * Pictured vehicle shown in two-tone paint scheme
* Design, packaging and pricing may be changed without prior notice
* Components come unpainted and without any emblems or reflectors
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