Warranty Provisions

1. In the case of product failure resulting from normal use, Car Mate will repair or exchange the product free of charge within the warranty period. (One (1) year from the date of purchase)

2. Repairs will incur a charge within the warranty period pursuant to the following:

  • (a) When this Warranty Document is not presented
  • (b) Product failure and damage due to incorrect use, improper repair and alterations
  • (c) Product failure and damage caused by transportation, movement, dropping, etc.
  • (d) When there is evidence of moisture, etc., having infiltrated the product from the outside
  • (e) Product failure and damage due to fire, earthquake, flood damage, abnormal voltage, pollution, use of power supply outside the specification (voltage / frequency), and other natural disasters and calamities
  • (f) When the prescribed items in this warranty certificate have not been filled, or the wording has been rewritten. However, the purchase date and dealer's name may be in the form of a receipt
  • (g) The external portion has been damaged

3. The loss of products, parts or accessories is not covered under warranty.

4. Products received from another person and resold items are not covered under warranty.

5. Please present this warranty document prior to requesting repairs at your place of purchase or at a Car Mate service center.

6. This Warranty Document will not be reissued, so keep it stored in a safe place.

7. This warranty is valid only for service in Americas.

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